Genesis Days part 2

סדרת האוצרות האבודים

Genesis Days part 2

כרך 2


חלק שני של הספר "ימי בראשית" מתורגם לאנגלית

פרק לדוגמא: The Mission

The crickets chirping around the tent conveyed a feeling of tranquility, even as the whistling wind caught the fallen leaves and made them dance. Abraham was sitting alone in his tent, reclining against a big pillow filled with wool sheared from his own sheep. A smile rose to his lips as he recalled a meeting from a few hours earlier. He had encountered a young man in the study hall. The newcomer seemed to be struggling to comprehend a philosophical point. He approached Abraham determinedly and said: “I’m sorry, but I can’t stop thinking about what you said earlier, that it is inconceivable for God to be limited in any way.” Abraham chuckled and replied: “But I did not tell you that.” The student looked at him puzzled: “So now you’re telling me that God has limits?” “Certainly not!” Abraham retorted, prepared for the young man’s confusion. “But you just said that you didn’t tell me God is limitless, so doesn’t that mean the opposite is true?!” The student looked upset and unmoored. “Heaven forbid! That God is limitless is quite true. However, it is not I who told you that, young man. I surmise that it was my son Isaac, whom you discussed the issue with.” “Your son, Isaac?!” Abraham laughed agreeably: “Ah, my young friend, you are still new to our camp, correct?” The young man nodded, befuddled. “Let me resolve your confusion. My son Isaac arrived at the camp only a few days ago. My son and I look like twin brothers, there are almost no noticeable differences between us. That is why you have mistaken me for him.” A look of astonishment came over the tyro. “You know what? I will show you! Wait right here,” Abraham requested and left the tent. A few minutes later, he returned with his son Isaac. The novice did a double take, unsure whom he had spoken to and when. “It really does not make sense!” he protested in frustration, “it is impossible to tell who is the father and who is the son!” After the new student had taken his leave, Abraham relaxed again, running his hand over his black beard, and looking at Isaac. While he was grateful for the youthful vigor God had allowed him to maintain in his old age, he could not help but think that it would perhaps be better if a supercentenarian and his young son did not look exactly the same. He calmly closed his eyes, sinking into a pleasant sleep. “Father!” Isaac’s alarmed voice awoke him abruptly. Abraham opened his eyes to find Isaac bent over him, his body shaking, and his face terrified. “Father, what happened to you?” he asked apprehensively, relieved that the patriarch had not breathed his last. “What’s the matter? I just fell asleep for a bit...” Abraham smiled, marveling at his son’s sense of urgency. Isaac looked mesmerized. “That’s not what I meant,” he said anxiously, “Father, look at your beard.” Abraham did so, and he was stunned to see that over the course of his brief nap, his facial hair had turned white as snow. “Apparently, the Lord decided that people should be able to distinguish between us,” he said gracefully. “But how? Why?” Isaac was concerned about his father’s strange appearance. However, Abraham gave him a look that seemed to rebuke the child. “Of course, Father, it’s probably for the best,” his son conceded, suddenly realizing the importance of the matter. Still, while his new visage was not a matter of concern for Abraham, his soul was indeed troubled. His face abruptly became very pensive, as if he were diving into the depths of his mind. There was a look of sadness on his face that was not typical of him. His mind seemed to be wandering into distant lands, into the mists of the past. “Father, is something else bothering you?” Isaac asked anxiously. “You know, my son, that your mother and I, may her memory be a blessing, got married when she was fifteen years old, and I was twenty-five years old, but we did not live together until quite a few years later.” Abraham seemed to warmly embrace the memories of his wife. “We lived a full and beautiful life; it was not always easy, but your mother was always by my side when I needed support. Even though you were born many years into our marriage, we always had each other. “Now, the life of a married person differs vastly from that of a single person. The bonds of matrimony totally change the people who enter that covenant. The commitment to caring for another fills each person with a completely different purpose. Moreover, when children are born, a person changes even more. One’s life does not truly begin before one has taken on the twin responsibilities of marriage and family.” Isaac looked at his father, realizing where he was going with this talk. “I think the time has come, my son, for you to marry and start your real life,” Abraham declared wholeheartedly. “Indeed, that is the reason I summoned you from the academy of Shem and Eber. You studied with them for three years, but now the time has come for you to start building your own family.” Isaac looked at his father trying to find the right words: “But who am I to marry? There are a lot of families in our camp, but…” “No, absolutely not!” Abraham cut off his son. “Marrying one of the girls from our camp is not an option. You know they are all Canaanites; their conduct is decent right now, but consider where they come from. You have no way of knowing if they may return to their corrupt habits a few years down the road. They cannot be trusted at all!” Abraham sighed. “I know these people well. For years I have walked this land, its length and its breadth, and I have attempted to spread the faith. I can testify that apart from Eliezer — who is not from here but came with me from Harran — none of my followers have stayed for more than a few years. As long as it’s easy and nice for them, they follow me. To my great dismay, they are not following the Lord, but only me. They waver constantly, as nothing is truly rooted in their hearts.” Abraham kneaded his face with his hands, rubbing his eyes as if he were seeking a solution. “So maybe Eliezer’s daughter? ...” Isaac asked nervously. “God forbid!” Abraham was shocked, “Eliezer is a righteous and abstemious man, but he is still a descendant of Ham, whom Noah cursed. Can we cleave to a family line which is accursed?” “So, who? The daughters of Aner, Eshcol, and Mamre?” Abraham shook his head. “You probably do not realize, but I have been thinking about this ever since the Binding. I shiver as I think what would have happened had the Lord not stayed my hand from sacrificing you. Just the thought of your passing before you could produce offspring makes my hair stand! If you had been married and had started a family, at least your sons would remain after you to continue your line. “One day, as I mused about this, God’s word came to me in a revelation in which He told me what had happened with my brother. His wife Milcah bore him eight sons, while his concubine Reumah bore him four more. The youngest of Nahor and Milcah’s children is named Bethuel. Bethuel has become a father too, and his little daughter was born three years ago — on the very day of your Binding. “This child, named Rebecca, must be destined to be your wife. The wonderful thing is that she was born on the same day as you were bound to the altar. If Rebecca were not destined to be your mate, why would the Lord deliver such a prophecy to me? I think we should try and take this daughter of Bethuel, for you, as a wife.” Isaac lowered his eyes, but hiding deep within his heart was the hope that perhaps he might finally find a mate. For a while, he had been plagued by the idea of having to marry one of the girls in their camp; now, this horror dissipated. He realized that it was not for nothing that his father had received a prophecy that came to inform him of the growth of his brother’s family, that there was a reason behind it. “As you wish, Father,” he finally said, beaming to match the smile blooming on Abraham’s face; of course, the secrets of Isaac’s heart were an open book to the father who loved him so. “Eliezer,” Abraham turned to his servant, who had come running to his tent, “There is a very important task I need you to do for me.” Eliezer nodded, ready to give his life for his master. With a serious expression, Abraham said to his servant: “And I will make you swear by the Lord, the God of heaven and the God of the earth, that you shall not take a wife for my son of the daughters of the Canaanites, among whom I dwell. But you shall go to my country, and to my kindred, and take a wife for my son, even for Isaac.” The pain of disappointment washed over Eliezer: “But my lord... I thought that perhaps… if you would agree, then...” Eliezer stammered, desperately trying to speak the thing he wished for most of all. “You know I have my little daughter... she’s a very good girl… and I thought...” Abraham looked at his servant out of the corner of his eye, distressed that he had to disappoint him. “Eliezer ...”, he said gently, trying to appease him. “Yes, I know…” A tear ran down his cheek: “I just thought that maybe if Isaac took her for a wife, she would make him very happy…” Abraham put his hand on his friend’s shoulder to comfort him: “You understand that she cannot marry Isaac.” Eliezer wiped the tear from his eye: “Yes, my lord, I fully understand. You know, these are just the thoughts of a doting father.” “Do not worry, I will find her a suitable groom soon,” he promised his servant. “However, I need you to travel back to the land of my family. That is where you may find a suitable wife for my son Isaac,” Abraham insisted. Eliezer thought for a moment, “But, sir, if the woman does not want to follow me here, should I take Isaac there?” “Absolutely not!” Abraham said emphatically. “One of the reasons I want you to go and bring a woman to my son from afar is to cut her off from her father’s house! Do you know what effect a corrupt society has on human beings? Moreover, when the family itself is corrupt, then the influence upon the individual is all the more pernicious. That is why I command you to go far away and take a woman for Isaac from the other end of the earth. That way, she will be severed from the dangerous and malevolent stimuli of her family home.” Hesitantly, Eliezer raised a concern: “It may be that the woman will not be willing to leave her home and her family.” Abraham’s reply was confident and categorical: “The Lord, the God of heaven, who took me from my father’s house, and from the land of my nativity, and who spoke to me, and who swore to me, saying: To your seed will I give this land; He will send His angel before you, and you shall take a wife for my son from there. And if the woman be not willing to follow you, then you shall be clear from this my oath; only you shall not bring my son back there.” Eliezer agreed, taking an oath upon a sacred object that he would faithfully carry out his mission. It was noon, and Eliezer and nine of Abraham’s servants finished loading up their mounts, each man bearing fruits, vegetables, and delicacies. Silver vessels, gold vessels, and jewelry were also placed upon the camels. Abraham and Isaac looked at the convoy that was preparing to set out. Before them was a long-expected journey of seventeen days, a journey through deserts and mountains towards Harran, northeast of the land of Canaan. The ten servants were dressed in their best robes, as befitting the importance and respectability of their master. Abraham approached Eliezer, handing him a rolled-up scroll: “Here is my will, in which I bequeath all that I have to my son, Isaac. It may be of help to you.” Eliezer bowed to his master and mounted the camel, ready for the long and arduous journey

תיאור מלא של המוצר

חלק שני של הספר "ימי בראשית" מתורגם לאנגלית.

ספר הספרים, כך נקרא התנ"ך בפי כל באי עולם. הספר אשר מספר על בריאת העולם והשתלשלות הנבראים, היווצרות האומות בכלל ועם ישראל בפרט.
במשך ההיסטוריה האנושית תורגם התנ"ך בשלימותו למאות שפות, וחלקים ממנו לאלפי שפות. מאות ואלפי מדרשים וספרי אגדות התחברו במרוצת השנים על הספר, שהפך להיות נחלת כלל האנושות, חלקם מבוססים על מקורות רשמיים ואמינים וחלקם פרי דמיונם של המחברים.
הצימאון העז להכיר את הסיפור המקראי על פי מקורות מהימנים הולך וגובר, ואולם הקושי בהבנת השפה העתיקה וחוסר הנגישות לספרים מביאים את רוב רובם של האנשים לייאוש כעומדים אל מול שוקת שבורה.
סדרת "האוצרות האבודים" באה לתת מענה לכל המעוניין ללמוד את הסיפור המקראי מבלי להזדקק לנסות ולדלות את תוכן הסיפור מתוך מאות ספרים. מפאת ידיעת המציאות והרצון להנגיש לקורא את החומר הרב ולחוש את העולם העתיק, נכתבה הסדרה כפרוזה ספרותית המובילה את הקורא מראשית הבריאה אל תוך העולם הקסום של התנ"ך וגיבוריו הקורמים עור וגידים, בקריאה זורמת, מותחת, מרגשת וסוחפת, השוזרת בתוכה את עיקרי המדרשים ואגדות התנ"ך בשפה ברורה ונעימה.
הספר הראשון בסדרה, "ימי בראשית", מספר על בריאת העולם והדורות הראשונים, החל מהבריאה ועד ירידת יעקב ושנים-עשר השבטים למצרים.
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